What Is A Gait Assessment?

A gait assessment is simply evaluating the way you walk or run, and its purpose is to identify abnormalities, which could lead to long-term injury. Gait assessments can be performed visually or using video cameras and treadmills.

Simply watching someone walk down a hallway is simple and should not be used as the only assessment tool, especially if you’ve had an accident or long-term injury. 

Using video to evaluate a patient’s gait is more accurate, especially when it is used in conjunction with a treadmill. In most circumstances one camera is used, and it is set up at the rear of the treadmill.

This video information should be recorded and then reviewed frame-by-frame using specific software, which can accurately measure various angles. 

A more professional set up though is using two video cameras so your walking or running pattern can be evaluated from both rear and side viewpoints, and these images are synced for a better overall assessment.

When a Podiatrist performs a gait assessment, emphasis will be placed on the lower limbs, and so it should be if you’ve been having foot and lower limb issues, and ongoing injuries.

Your Podiatrist will pay special attention to your foot position, ankle range of motion and your knee and hip positioning. 

As part of an overall assessment though, the upper body is also viewed, and if an abnormality is identified you may be referred to your Physiotherapist or Chiropractor for further assessment and treatment if necessary.  

At your assessment, make sure you take your old and current footwear, because specific foot-types will show different wear patterns, and this will vary between footwear styles.

Video, can also be used to evaluate the effectiveness of particular running shoes, and can easily identify if one style of running shoe is better than another. This is important if you’ve used different running shoe brands and you’re considering changing brands.

If a problem is identified, our highly-trained Podiatrists will offer various treatment options.

Yes, some patients do require orthotics, however others may simply benefit from professional footwear advice, stretching and strengthening, or one of our other treatment protocols.

We’ll only know what is best for you after you’ve had a proper gait assessment, and at Elite Foot Care we have the team and the equipment necessary to achieve this outcome.  

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment for an assessment, please telephone our clinic on (07) 5328 3588, and one of our friendly team will be able to assist you. 

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