Fungal Nails

About Nail Infections

Do you get thick yellow nails? When your toes are cooped up in footwear that is warm and at times moist, this provides perfect conditions for a fungal infection to come in and set up camp on your nails. 

Fungal infections thrive in moist enclosed areas where they can live and grow. Approximately 14% of the population have a fungal nail infection so it is a fairly common issue.

It can affect people in different ways from making the nail white and spotty to the nail becoming thick, yellowish, brittle and crumbly.

If you suspect any kind of infection, you should call the team at Elite Foot Care on 5328 3588 and have a Podiatrist treat it.


How do we acquire nail fungus in our environment?

  • In shoes that are moist and wet from activity 
  • At home in our shower and bath 
  • At public pools, change rooms and public showers 
  • Nail infections can also be hereditary 

What can we do to prevent fungal nail infection?

  • Always wear clean socks and keep your feet dry
  • Dry your wet shoes before wearing them again after activities 
  • Wear thongs in public showers 
  • Keep your shower and bath clean 
  • Check your nails weekly – early diagnosis can result in early treatment

At Elite Foot Care we can diagnose and treat your nail infection with:

  • Topical treatments that are applied weekly to kill the nail infection and keep it at bay 
  • Debride and resect the nail insuring proper nail growth
  • Provide advice on oral treatments that are available 
  • Fungal nail laser advice
  • If you think your nails don’t look like they should, come in and see us today for a full nail diagnosis and treatment plan.

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