Ingrown Toenails

What are Ingrown Nails?

A typical ingrown nail is a painful, inflamed nail edge and is one of the more common nail ailments affecting people of all ages.

Why Do We Get Ingrown Nails?

  1. Improper cutting can alter the growth of your nail causing it to grow into the tissue of the toe
  2. Footwear – Poor fitting footwear that squeezes your toes together, or footwear with poor fixation that allows your foot to slide around
  3. Genetics – A family history of ingrown toenails can increase your chances of acquiring an ingrown toenail.
  4. Injury – Kicking or dropping something on your toe can result in the nail growing into the tissue.

Our Principal Podiatrist Jay Lewis Discusses Ingrown Toenails

Partial Nail Avulsion

Our Podiatrist can remove the offending section of nail conservatively. We will also show you the correct ways of addressing your nails without causing damage to the surrounding tissue.

If your ingrown toenail is recurring, the Elite Foot Care team offers permanent removal of your ingrown toenail with non-invasive nail surgery. This procedure is simple, painless and assures that the nail causing your pain will not return.

Ingrown toenails are one of the most common complaints podiatrists treat. A procedure called partial nail avulsion (PNA) can be a permanent and painless procedure for a persistent ingrown toenail. This may be necessary when a nail is repeatedly getting infected, painful, activities of daily living are affected, the person is unable to play sport and the person is unable to wear footwear.

The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia; a tourniquet is placed around the affected toe to reduce bleeding. Using specialised tools, the nail plate is lifted and the protruding spicule is removed. A chemical is used to destroy the nail matrix making the procedure permanent. There are no stitches required and the patients’ toe is cleaned and dressed. A PNA is performed in the clinic room and the patient is able to leave the same day.

A follow up after 4 days is required for evaluation of the surgical site to check for healing, infection and a new dressing is applied.

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